Local Ocean Seafoods Fresh. Clean. Local. Fair.

Who We Are

We are proud to have become known as the premier destination for seafood on the central Oregon Coast. It is our mission to give people “the best seafood experience of their lives” and we are honestly thrilled that not a day goes by that we don't hear exactly that from our customers.

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson is a third generation commercial fisherman. Working summers on her father's fishing boat (salmon trolling and Dungeness crabbing) gives her an authentic understanding of product quality and sourcing.

Laura Anderson Laura completed a Master's program in Marine Resource Management at Oregon State University in June 2000. She has since been an independent Marine Resource Management Consultant to organizations such as Oregon SeaGrant, Environmental Defense, Ecotrust, MidCoast Watersheds Council, and the Oregon Salmon Commission. She has worked on sustainability projects for a number of her clients and is considered at the forefront of the sustainability movement in Oregon.

Charlie Branford

Charlie Branford Charlie is a seafood specialist that emphasizes on total fish utilization and proper preparation (Ex: leans toward the rare). Daily walks on the docks when Charlie can purchase fresh salmon, rockfish, crab, halibut and other species is one of the highlights of his day. “I love it - to be able to go right down to the boats and pick out fish that was swimming that day... It's about as fresh as you get.

All fish is utilized to the fullest under Charlie's command in the kitchen, one of his favorite sayings being “The fish had to die to get on the plate and we want to use as much of it as possible.” All fresh fish is prepared medium rare at Local Ocean Seafoods with Charlie's emphasis on not over cooking truly allowing the guest to appreciate the product.

Amber Morris

Amber Morris Fish Goddess Amber Morris is on site 5 days a week at our Bayfront location to answer all your seafood questions. When she's not pounding the docks looking for todays freshest catch, she is behind the fish case, filleting and wrapping your evening meal.

What We Do

Local Ocean Seafoods is committed to the following mission: to give people the best seafood experience of their lives. Our mission is guided by the following principles:

  • Provide our customers with immediate recognition, premium quality, total product accountability, excellent service and competitive prices.
  • Support fishing families by consistently offering a price premium to high-quality harvesters.
  • Provide meaningful work opportunities, fair compensation, and a safe, healthy work environment that encourages creativity, self-discipline, and personal and professional growth.
  • Support our local community through purchasing from other small businesses and local vendors.
  • Source packaging and other products that have the least footprint on the environment.
  • Reinvest 5% of our profits with community and non-profit organizations that support sustainable fisheries and fishing communities.

Local Ocean Seafoods has become the premier destination for fresh, local seafood on the Oregon Coast. Whether you are coming in for our famous fish tacos or shopping for fresh crab in the fish market, Local Ocean aims to give you the best seafood experience of your life. It's our mission, and not a day goes by that we don't hear that directly from our customers.

Seriously Sustainable

Sustainability We take sustainability very seriously here at Local Ocean Seafoods. The overwhelming majority of our seafood comes from right across the street, not trucked in from thousands of miles away. We also have a robust recycling program. We also have a great selection of organic certified wines and use local organic produce when in season. We would not be caught dead with farmed salmon or shrimp.

We also understand that sustainability is about more than just the environment; it’s about economics and equity as well. We pay top dollar to our fishermen for the best quality product available. We also are active in lobbying for better fishery management, particularly in-river salmon management.

We are what the media likes to call the new generation of ‘natural capitalists’ or ‘socially responsible business.’ We know that we need to make a profit to stay in business, but we also recognize that there are limits to the natural capital on which our business depends. At the end of the day, we must respect the social and cultural context within which our business operates.

We are grateful to our many customers, vendors, and non-profit partners who are creating a better future for food, fisheries and coastal life.